New Activity Hall | Lever Edge Primary Academy, Bolton

This is the second project that we have had the pleasure to carry out for Lever Edge Primary Academy, the first of which being the construction of a new nursery building for the school that we completed in 2014

The new activity hall has been constructed in order for the school to better their capabilities with respect to the teaching of physical education activities, and further use for pre-planned special/social events of the school.

The main building contains a large hall with specialist floor coverings, storage room, Lobby area and disabled toilet. Natural air ventilation is created by the means of 'wind catchers' fixed on the roof of the building to reduce the costs associated with mechanical ventilation systems, and the main hall is heated with high level radiant heaters.

"The project was another successful development for the school, and we were extremely pleased to have had the opportunity to work with Good & Tillotson architects on yet another exiting new project in the local area. The school have been extremely co-operative throughout the project, this, alongside our experience of working in school environments ensured that no issues arose that were detrimental to the schools ability to carry out their normal business."

Paul MacGowan | Contracts Manager - Ellenby Construction

Carole Concannon (School Business Manager) was the representative for the school on this project and had the following comments following handover:

"I would like to pass on the Governors' thanks for the excellent work that you and your staff have done to facilitate the creation of our lovely new sports (activity) hall.

Personally I would like to thank you all for your professionalism, attention to detail, integrity and high standards of workmanship. Without your continued support and advice, I would not have been able to make decisions necessary to bring the Governors' vision for the school to fruitition."

Principal Contractor: Ellenby Construction

Architect: Good & Tillotson

Structural Engineer: Struktura Engineering services

M&E consultants: DDA